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Head of T-Mobile crashed At&T party





See this guy? This guy is John Legere, the CEO of T-Mobile. A couple of days ago he was at CES 2014, the biggest consumer electronics show in the world. Probably because he has some kind of mild interest in new technology, right? Also – apparently John Legere really likes Macklemore., because he went to see him perform while he was there, and because Macklemore is pretty rad, right?


All of this sounds realllly logical. Until you get to the part where Macklemore was actually performing at the  AT&T CES party at Rain Nightclub, which John Legere crashed, and was promptly escorted out by security because AT&T got a little upset.


CNET News Executive Editor Roger Cheng was at the party and tweeted:


“Ran into @JohnLegere at the AT&T party. Yep, he crashed it. And still wearing the pink t-mo shirt. #CES2014”


and then:


“Oh wow, security just escorted @JohnLegere out of the party. AT&T is not happy with my tweet. #ces2014”


“Some security guards escorted him out. It was crazy. ”


According to a security guard that spoke with Geek Wire AT&T staffers said that the CEO was “harassing” them.



Later on in the evening, the twitter world heard from the man himself-


” @RogerWCheng great to see you! I just love Macklemore! Very bad move by @ATT and #PalmCasino . Have a great night! I am very angry!


C’mon guys, can’t we all just get along? What would  Macklemore do? What what what whaaat what what what whaaaaat…?





Also, some friday afternoon hilarity just for you guys:



Images courtesy of Geekwire, Pandawhale & Memecenter