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Looking to upgrade to an iPhone 6S? Read this!

iphon 6c


It’s everyone’s favorite time of year! iPhone upgrade time hoorah! In 5 days Apple will be announcing the new models of iPhone, expected to be the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus with a number of software improvements that will no doubt make your life better (Yeah, we’re talking to you, over there, with the sexy hair).


We’re talking significant camera improvements, a new A9 chip to make it faster, more powerful and more fancy, Forcetouch (You may know that from the Apple Watch), improved touch ID and a shiny new rose gold color.




So you want one, right? Nay, you deserve one! Look at your stinky old iPhone just sitting there being all not rose gold with no Force Touch and a boring old not as good camera. What a jerk.


It’s ok though, because we can help! Send the stinky old iPhone to us! We’ll make sure that jerk is properly cared for, send him to a nice big ‘ol green farm with lots of other stinky old iPhones to play with! AND we’ll give you cash to help you upgrade to the new shiny iPhone!


Sweet deal, right? All you have to do is enter your details here! We’ll send you a prepaid shipping box, drop that sucker in there and we’ll send you payment by Check, Paypal or Bitcoin! Easy! We’ll also never revalue your iPhone after you’ve sent it in – if it’s an used iPhone 6, we’ll pay you for a used iPhone 6. We’re just cool like that…


If you have any questions about selling your old, cracked, water damaged or broken iPhone, don’t hesitate to contact us  or leave a comment below.



iPhone 6S rumors already?




Yup, now that we’re over the Spring forward special media event, we now have WWDC to look forward to, and with that comes the rumors as to what actually will be revealed or announced at the annual conference. Which means, generally, a SHINY NEW IPHONE!





We’re expecting iPhone 6S and iPhone 6 plus…S? iPhone 6S Plus? Not sure how that whole naming thing will work with the Plus, but unless Apple are upping the Ante with their iPhone release schedule, we shouldn’t expect an iPhone 7 until 2016.



If we’re looking at a ‘s’ update then we’re probably looking at incremental spec updates rather than anything astonishing design or capability wise, especially in the same year as the Apple Watch is released.



We’re probably looking at two different sized new models, just like the iPhone 6  and the iPhone 6 Plus. The bigger screens have proven successful for Apple and they should definitely be happy to continue in that direction. Although we would be very surprised to see them move any larger than the current 5.5 inches of the iPhone 6 Plus. There have been rumors of a new third size, a 4-inch iPhone to be released alongside the larger phones, to please those who are still attached to the size of the 5S.



We’ll be expecting the new iPhones to have brand spanking new A9 processors from Samsung, which will apparently be 15% smaller, 20% more powerful and 35% more power than the current A8 chips. Camera improvements are also on the cards, possibly a two lens system that would provide the iPhone with the ability to take DSLR quality photos, although this rumor is highly debated, as it would require a rather large chassis design change.



More RAM could be a possibility, going up to 2Gb from the current 1GB in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. The Touch ID feature as well as Siri would be expected to have some improvements. There have been rumors that the new iPhone could come with the new force touch haptic feedback seen on the Apple Watch, however that is a rumor not many are clinging to.



Then there are the constant rumors that have a little less credibility – that the new iPhones will start at 32GB instead of the beginning-to-be-too-meagre 16GB, that the new iPhones will have wireless charging (we wish!) and that the new iPhones will come with a mini unicorn that will grant you 3 wishes.


That one has far less credibility. Just sayin’



The new iPhones are, of course, believed to be announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco June 8th – 12th this year, which, at time of writing is 90 days, 16 hours 51 minutes and 42 seconds away. 



Following Apple’s previous release schedule, we should be looking at a September release.