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iPhone Tip of the Week!

Do you keep or have your iPhone on vibrate? Does it annoy you if you’re sitting in a meeting/movie/date/class/whatever and your iPhone vibrates – but it could be anyone or anything sending you vibes?


Did you know you can customize your vibrations? TA DA! Now you do.


Go to Settings >  Sounds.


Scroll down to where it says Sounds and Vibration Patterns


Select the alert you’d like to change (ringtone, text, voicemail, etc.).


Scroll up  until you see the word vibration and select it.


Scroll down until you see the word Custom.


Tap Create New Vibration.




Hit Stop, play it to see what it feels like, then save that ish!


Now you can use it for whatever alert you want, or create a new one for every kind of alert!


You can also change the type of vibration for specific people by choosing their name in contacts, going to Edit, scrolling down to Vibration, and choosing your custom pattern. OR you can create a vibration specially for them right in the edit section.





iPhone Tip Of The Day! Safari Edition.


Got iOS 7? Yeah? Want to know a Safari feature not many people  know about? Yeah? Yeah?




Here you go: In Safari on iOS 7 devices you have the option to search within a page for a specific word!



Start typing the word you’re looking for into the URL bar at the top of the page. The results will show you the google search results first but if you scroll down it will show you “On This Page” and let you jump through the mentions of that page.






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