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iPhone Tip Of The Day!

Here at iPhone Antidote, our techies are often asked the question: What the hell is landscape mode good for apart from playing rad games?


In the Calendar app, the landscape mode gives you a much more detailed view of your schedule of events for the week. When you enter the app in portrait mode and see the monthly view, tilt your phone into landscape mode ( making sure the portrait orientation lock is off in the control center) and you will see a detailed display of your weekly schedule.







In the calculator app,  turning your phone onto landscape mode will allow you to use the scientific mode, you genius you. 







If you have an iPhone 4S or above, you can use the panorama feature in the Camera app in landscape mode to do a vertical panoramic photo- good for a beautiful starry night, views of/from tall places and dipping your toe into some abstract photography!


So there’s a few good reasons to start not totally ignoring the existence of landscape mode other than when you play games! And remember, if you guys have any questions about functionality on the iPhone, let us know and we’ll be SUPER EXCITED to help.





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