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Apple announces Special Media event on March 9th

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Good news!! One of those things we all love – Apple special media events – has just been announced!


Come March 9th (that’s in just 11 days people!) Apple will be sharing some special news with us at a media event held at 10:00 AM P.S.T at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco.


What the news? Well, we’re not 100% on that, but that’s of course not unusual for an Apple media event. Here’s what we do know:


The event is named ‘Spring forward’.


Apple will be live streaming the event from it’s website as well as making it available on Apple TV via a dedicated channel.


It is assumed that the event will focus mainly on the imminent release of the much anticipated Apple Watch, including specific price, battery life, accessory and release date details.


There is a rumor that Apple will also talk about a 12-inch Retina Macbook Air as well.


Other than that we’ll just have to wait and see! We will of course keep you up to date with the rumor mill as the event gets closer!




Apple Media event on September 9th is confirmed!

Thanks to the lovely guys over at The Loop, we have for you the official invitation to the upcoming Apple media event – confirming that a big announcement will be made by Apple on September 9th.


The event is highly anticipated and expected to be unveiling two new models of the iPhone 6 and their new wearable tech product, currently referred to as the iWatch.


The invitations carry the tagline “Wish we could say more.”



The event will take place at 10:00 AM Pacific Time at the Flint Center for the Performing Arts on the campus of De Anza College in Cupertino.


The Flint center hasn’t been used by Apple for a long time, but is the same location where Steve Jobs introduced the original Mac 30 years ago and holds a lot more people than the usual venues Apple uses for it’s announcements. Apple seems to be building a huge, highly guarded structure on the campus in preparation for the announcement on the 9th.


We sense something major coming this way…


It hasn’t been confirmed if Apple will be streaming the event or not ( we hope so) but we will keep you up to date to everything we know when we know it!


11 days 15 hours 35 minutes until the unveiling!