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Stellar phone plan deal only available until midnight tonight!



Are you looking for a new no contract phone plan? How about a new one that’s mostly free? 


Check this out. RingPlus has a today only offer for the Leonardo 3 Free Plan.


That’s 1200 Minutes per Month
1,200 Texts per Month
1,200MB LTE per Month
Tethering Included


All for – $0 per month


The reason why we say it’s mostly free is because a ‘$12 Top Up is required during sign up to cover usage overages and other charges (e.g., using more than the 1,200 minutes or changing phone numbers). If, and only if, the Top-Up balance reaches $0, another $12 auto Top Up will be automatically charged to the credit card on file.’


You can bring your own Sprint device, or by a phone through Ringplus (before the deal expires).


Check out the details here. Quicksticks!