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Apple acquires small Australian tech company



What would you do if you were Apple; a super giant mobile tech company with millions of dollars and super smart employees and awesome products- stay with us- and some kid comes along with an App that makes your smartphone camera 100 times better? Well?


You buy it, dummies! Or, excuse us, you ‘acquire’ it.


And that’s what Apple has just done, although we may have slightly misspoken with all that ‘kid’ talk. Doctor John Papandriopoulos is the San Fransisco based Australian founder (and sole employee!) of Snappycam, an app which basically turns the iPhone camera super awesome by giving it the capability to take 20 photos per second, giving it burst shoot functionality.


He did this by rewriting the JPEG Algorithm. Obviously.


The acquisition has been rumored for some time after the App was taken out of the App store and all social media presence of Snappycam was taken down, but it was confirmed to the Wall Street Journal last Saturday.


Apple will most likely use the technology to improve their own camera capabilities and release them to us with future software updates.


Yay!  We like better camera stuff! We just can’t wait until you can take things out of photos, you know what we mean? Like cupcakes. And Beach holidays. And kittens. This guy should start working on that.





Images courtesy of Techradar & Petapixel