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New Steve Jobs film updates!




Sony Pictures has dropped the upcoming Aaron Sorkin penned Steve Jobs biopic while the movie is still in pre-production, BUT it has just been picked up by another big player – Universal.


The movie is still in the middle of casting, with names such as Christian Bale previously being thrown around before it was confirmed that the man himself, Steve Jobs, will be played by Michael Fassbender, Seth Rogen will play Steve Wozniak, with Jessica Chastain also attached. Currently, Natalie Portman is also rumored to be taking a part.


Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire, Trainspotting, 28 Days Later) will be at the helm directing and the film will focus on three distinct events in Apple’s history, based on Walter Isaacson’s biography and with the consulting help of Steve Wozniak himself.


There was no insight as to why Sony dropped the film, however those in the know advise that this swap of studios will not hinder the production from following the path it was already set on by the creative heads of the film.


There is no public production or release date as of yet.



New Steve Jobs biopic news



There’s another Steve Jobs biopic coming! It’s currently in the middle of production and the cast is being decided. So who will be big friendly Woz? Who will play the man himself? What kind of film should we be expecting?


We think this film will make a much larger impact than the previous Ashton Kutcher movie jOBS, for a number of reasons, including the fact that Steve Wozniak himself is acting as a creative consultant on the film, that the movie is from big money player Sony and that it’s based on Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs biography and will focus on three intense 30-minute scenes showing three of Apple’s product launches.


Additionally, it’s the creative forces behind the movie. Aaron Sorkin, most well known for writing The West Wing and The Social Network, penned the flick and has finished with the screenplay.


It will be directed by Danny Boyle, allegedly after David Fincher was dropped because of his demands – a $10,000,000 salary and full creative control -. Danny Boyle has previously directed pretty awesome films such as 28 days later, Sunshine, Slumdog Millionarie and 127 hours.


The cast is still being decided, but some pretty respectable names have been thrown around so far. Leonardo DiCaprio was initially attached to play Steve Jobs, but has since dropped out, as has Cristian Bale (he decided he wasn’t right for the part), and the producers are now apparently in talks with Michael Fassbender to play the main man.


Wozniak is currently set to be played by Seth Rogen, although it appears to be not totally set in stone yet. Jessica Chastain is also unofficially linked to the film, playing an as of yet unspecified character.


The general consensus is that this film will be a much more serious and artistically resonant take on Steve Jobs life and work at Apple. We’re excited to see it, although no release date has been announced yet, so it might be a while!