Tuesday Deals


Here at iPhone Antidote, we care about you! Well, we mostly care about you in relation to iPhones and Apple stuff, but we care a lot about that.


So here are some deals for you guys to keep an eye out for right now. Whether it be your first time delving into the Apple iPhone world, or if you need to replace a stinky old/broken iPhone (and we all remember what to do with that stinky old iPhone once you get a shiny new one right? Am I right? Here’s a hint- it starts with…um, us. )


T-mobile currently offers shiny new iPhone 5s for a low low $99 with financing, Sprint is offering $100 off for new iPhone customers switching from another carrier, and there are very (very) strong rumors that Verizon are about to start a new promotion reducing the iPhone 5 by $100 around the end of the month.


If it’s not appropriate or even if it doesn’t feel right to be switching carriers right now, and you’re already on contract, we’ll soon be talking about the upsides of upgrading within contract, when, how and why you should do it.



Photo courtesy of The Security Auditor