How to Check for Cell Phone Upgrade Eligibility

Check for Early Upgrade with your Carrier


Have you ever wondered if you could upgrade to a new phone?  Maybe you have had your phone for quite some time, but when you signed up to buy your last phone you had to sign a two year contract.  Many times AT&T and the other major cell phone carriers will allow you to upgrade your phone before your two year contract is up.  This is something that many people do not know, and can be very beneficial (See why upgrading your phone as often as possible is important).


Usually, it turns out that carriers will allow you to get a discount on your new phone every 12-18 months (rather than the 24 months which is agreed upon).  In fact, new iPhones have been released just about every 12 months (with the exception of the 4S which was released 16 months later) and AT&T has almost always allowed for people to upgrade to the new iPhone early, thus giving their customers a $400 discount every 12 months!


So if you are interested in upgrading to the newest and latest phone follow the instructions below.  And if you aren’t interested in upgrading phones, maybe you should read here and see how you could be wasting almost $20 a month.  You might as well upgrade, sell your phone and make a profit!


Luckily, checking to see if you are eligible for an upgrade is pretty simple!  Simply follow the instructions below.


For AT&T:


Grab your AT&T phone and dial:  *639# and press send.

After doing this you will receive a text message shortly after letting you know when you are eligible for an upgrade.


For Verizon:


Verizon is a little bit more complex, but still rather easy.

Simply go to their website here:


And type in your cell phone number and email address to find out if you are eligible for an upgrade with Verizon.


For Sprint:


Grab your Spring phone and dial : *2 and press send.

Press 1.

Enter your phone number.

Press 1 to check your upgrade eligibility.



For T-Mobile:


And currently for T-Mobile, it appears as though the only way to find out if you are eligible for an upgrade is to contact them directly, or use this third party website: