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$585 for a brand new MacBook Air? Here’s how.

Right now you can get a brand spanking new MacBook Air for as little as $585. We know, it’s the best deal we’ve ever seen, AND it’s from a triple stacked discount, which is all kinds of extra fun.


So here’s how you get it:


Best Buy currently has a $100 discount on all of the newest 2014 MacBook Air


This is awesome, but it only gets better once you combine that deal with the second deal that Best Buy is offering – if you have a valid .edu email address, you get an extra $150 off. 


This is what this means, broken down:


– 11.6″ MacBook Air, 4GB, 128GB SSD: $899. With the $100 Discount –  $799. With the extra $150 discount, the final price is $649


– 11.6″ MacBook Air, 4GB, 256GB SSD: $1099. With the $100 Discount – $999. With the extra $150 discount, the final price is $849


– 13.3″ MacBook Air, 4GB, 128GB SSD: $999. With the $100 Discount – $899. With the extra $150 discount, the final price is $749.


– 13.3″ MacBook Air, 4GB, 256GB SSD: $1199. With the $100 Discount – $1099. With the extra $150 discount, the final price is $949.




Would you like an extra 10% off that already heavily discounted price? Yeah?


Ok, here’s what you do. Go to your local post office. You’re looking for the Movers Coupon book. They’ll usually have them lying around, but if they don’t, you can ask them for one. They’re free, and inside you’ll find a coupon for 10% off any single purchase at Best Buy.


And yes, this further discount can be combined with the two discounts above. The only caveat is that in order to use the Movers Coupon you need to go in-store to make your purchase.


If you choose to take up the first two deals without the 10% Movers Coupon, you can make your purchase from the online Best Buy Store and shipping is free. The combined Best Buy deals will last until June 21, 2014. The $150 off deal for students lasts until July 12, 2014.



You’re welcome.




Cancel Your T-Mobile Contract With No Fee!

Cancel Your T-Mobile Contract without an Early Termination Fee

If you act soon you should be able to cancel your T-Mobile contract with no early termination fee (ETF).


As it turns out, T-Mobile recently introduced a limit on the amount of domestic off-network data (roaming data) whereas previously there was no limit.


What this means is that if you call into T-Mobile and cancel your service you should be able to actually cancel your service without paying an early termination fee.  Make sure you act fast however, as the service change happened at the end of February and there is only a limited time to call and cancel regarding the change in data plans.


Hope this helps out


Here is a link to a more in depth post on a forum

AT&T Will Unlock Your iPhone if You are Off Contract!

Unlock Your iPhone



AT&T will now finally allow you to unlock your iPhone starting today.  This is a really great change for anyone that is currently using AT&T as their service provider and has had their iPhone long enough that they are off contract (essentially eligible for an upgrade).


Having an unlocked iPhone is great for several reasons.  One of the biggest being that the iPhone is actually worth more than a “locked” iPhone.  So if you were to sell your iPhone, you would likely be able to get more money for selling your iPhone.  Additionally, you will have the availability to switch carriers to another GSM carrier such as T-Mobile.  And another final benefit that is great is the availability to use your iPhone in different countries with local carriers (previously you would need to use AT&T as your sole service provider which would be much more expensive).


You can unlock your iPhone at an AT&T store, or even via online chat.  The only information that you need to unlock your iPhone is your IMEI number which is located in Settings -> General -> About  on your iPhone.


Once you have finished the process, Apple actually emails the unlock code for your iPhone to your email address.  Then simply unlock your iPhone using the code!


Should be really valuable for a lot of people!  Hope this helps!


The iPhone Antidote – Now We Buy All Types of iPhones

Sell Your Old iPhone to the iPhone Antidote!


Up until recently, here at the iPhone Antidote we only purchased the iPhone 4.  Now we are excited to announce that we purchase all types of iPhones in ANY condition!  That means that no matter what kind of iPhone you have, we are willing to buy it!  It does not matter if it is used, broken, or even water damaged.  Heck, your iPhone 4 could be sitting in water right now and we would still be willing to pay $150 for it!


We have discussed earlier why it makes sense to upgrade your phone as soon as possible here (sometimes you can actually make money)!  So why not do it today?


Come give our site a look, and check out our newly updated quote section under the “Let’s Start” heading at the top of the page.


1)      Simply select the model of your iPhone and an instant quote will show up!

2)      Click “Let’s Do It!” located just under the quote, and fill in your shipping information.

3)      Click submit and a prepaid USPS Priority Mail PDF Label will download.

4)      Send your iPhone in using this label.  The label will work for any type of packaging, and works from anywhere in the United States.  Don’t worry about sending in the box or accessories, you can keep those if you would like.

5)      In just a couple of days you will be paid via check or paypal (your preference)!


With payouts up to $400, sell your old iPhone today!








How to Check for Cell Phone Upgrade Eligibility

Check for Early Upgrade with your Carrier


Have you ever wondered if you could upgrade to a new phone?  Maybe you have had your phone for quite some time, but when you signed up to buy your last phone you had to sign a two year contract.  Many times AT&T and the other major cell phone carriers will allow you to upgrade your phone before your two year contract is up.  This is something that many people do not know, and can be very beneficial (See why upgrading your phone as often as possible is important).


Usually, it turns out that carriers will allow you to get a discount on your new phone every 12-18 months (rather than the 24 months which is agreed upon).  In fact, new iPhones have been released just about every 12 months (with the exception of the 4S which was released 16 months later) and AT&T has almost always allowed for people to upgrade to the new iPhone early, thus giving their customers a $400 discount every 12 months!


So if you are interested in upgrading to the newest and latest phone follow the instructions below.  And if you aren’t interested in upgrading phones, maybe you should read here and see how you could be wasting almost $20 a month.  You might as well upgrade, sell your phone and make a profit!


Luckily, checking to see if you are eligible for an upgrade is pretty simple!  Simply follow the instructions below.


For AT&T:


Grab your AT&T phone and dial:  *639# and press send.

After doing this you will receive a text message shortly after letting you know when you are eligible for an upgrade.


For Verizon:


Verizon is a little bit more complex, but still rather easy.

Simply go to their website here:


And type in your cell phone number and email address to find out if you are eligible for an upgrade with Verizon.


For Sprint:


Grab your Spring phone and dial : *2 and press send.

Press 1.

Enter your phone number.

Press 1 to check your upgrade eligibility.



For T-Mobile:


And currently for T-Mobile, it appears as though the only way to find out if you are eligible for an upgrade is to contact them directly, or use this third party website:

Why it Makes Sense (Dollars) to Upgrade to the iPhone 4S

Upgrade to the iPhone 4S for free!


When people buy a new iPhone they usually sign a contract with one of the major carriers for 2 years. This means that they agree to continue to use their phone service for the next two years in exchange for receiving a discount on their phone. While most people hate contracts, chances are they will be using the same cell phone service for the next two years anyway, so in all honestly, it makes sense to sign the contract and get a good deal on a new phone (for the most part, you will have to sign a contract when you first sign up for cell service anyway).


After the original two years are up on the contract, or whenever they allow for a new upgrade, it makes sense to upgrade your phone.


To illustrate this point, let’s use some numbers. An iPhone 4S 16gb without a contract would cost $600 to buy, but most people would buy it with a two year contract instead and thus pay $200. This equals a $400 savings for using the two year contract, or $16.66 a month savings ($400/24) to stay on a contract with your carrier. So really, by staying on contract you are eligible for a $400 savings every two years.


When you think about it, you should always take advantage of this phone subsidy, as you will likely be staying with the same carrier anyway. Otherwise you are effectively losing $16.66 a month just to have the option to switch phone carriers. Sounds a little expensive!


Even if you did not have any interest in the new iPhone 4S, and you were happy using your old iPhone 4, it would still make sense to upgrade to the 4S and then sell it for the current market price of $600 and make $400, effectively converting your $16.66 a month savings to cash for staying on a contract with your carrier.


Additionally, if you wanted to upgrade to the 4S but you don’t really have the money to pay for the $200 to buy the new one, you could sell your old iPhone 4 to help pay for it. Used iPhones are usually worth a decent amount of money, and often even more than a new one on a contract would cost. For example, if you purchased the 16gb iPhone 4 in June 2010 you paid $200 for it and at the time of this writing, (November 2011, some 16 months later) a used iPhone 4 is still worth about $200. This means that you could sell your old iPhone 4 and have enough money to buy a new iPhone 4S! If you upgraded to the iPhone 4 in June 2010 you would already be eligible for an upgrade now, and that means that you could get the new iPhone 4S FOR FREE!