iTunes Radio release another thing to get excited about this September!




September is IT guys.


Not only do we have the HUGE Apple September 10th announcement believed to be announcing the new iPhones ( 5S and 5C ), there is also the unveiling of Samsung’s smart watch Galaxy Gear, IFA – the huge techie consumer electronics trade show in Berlin 6th – 11th September, the Apple iTunes free concert series, the final Breaking Bad ever on Sept 9th (gulp), the return of Sons Of Anarchy and Southpark, America’s cup, TechCrunch Disrupt, and just, just so much more.


So much more like what iPhone Antidote?


Well, for one thing, the release of Apple’s iTunes Radio! Yay!


Apple has managed to get a bunch of brand partners including McDonald’s, Nissan, Pepsi, and Procter & Gamble, who will all get exclusive ads on the Radio product through the end of 2013.


The internet radio service, similar to Spotify and Pandora, will offer a way to listen to the radio which intuitively personalizes the tracks and artists you listen to, introduced you to new artists based on the style of music you listen to, as well as giving you the ability to create your own playlists from their selection and your own music from iTunes.


The system is free with ads, but has a super competitive premium ad-free option, if you subscribe to iTunes Match, at just $24.99 a year.


For the free service, listeners can look forward to walking out of the room grumpily every 15 minutes for an audio ad, and once an hour if you’re listening on a platform where you can exposed you to video ads. You will also get an ad if you skip songs six times in a row, if this stays the same as it currently is in the iOS 7 Beta testing.


The iTunes Radio service is part of iOS 7 and will be released with it. We don’t know the exact date… but we’re thinking it’s pretty likely that it will be released on or very close to September 10th!


We think we might rename September YAYtember!





Image courtesy of iTunes.




How many android users switching to Apple?!


So, we kinda like Apple. Could you tell?


We really like it when other people like Apple too, although anyone can do anything they like. Obviously. And Androids and Samsung and stuff are cool too. and stuff.


But, we just thought we’d share this recent study with you. According to Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, Apple has been particularly successful in getting Android users to swap over to using an iPhone.


The study, conducted over a year between June 2012 and June 2013, shows clearly that 20% of iPhone buyers had previously owned an Android powered smart phone. Winning, Apple?



Twenty-six percent of iPhone buyers were updating to Apple’s phone from a basic or feature phone, while 43 percent had already owned an Apple phone and were upgrading.




On the other end, though, only seven percent of Samsung phone buyers were switching from Apple devices.


Looking only at customers who had switched brands, fully one third of Apple’s new customers had previously owned Samsung devices. Only 11 percent of Samsung’s customers came from Apple.







We like to think that the clash of Fanboys and Fandroids is a little bit silly and tech forums especially can be more than a little bit scary when it comes to the insults flying around between them.


But still.



Go Apple!








Image courtesy of Forbes.