New Emoji yay

In case you guys weren’t paying attention to your Facebook feed last week,  the world has been blessed by around 250 new Emoji ( yes, the plural of Emoji is Emoji. Like moose, although we, as awesome people, prefer Meese.)


Apparently the people in charge of Emoji are The Unicode Consortium, which sounds way fancier than what we had imagined – ‘ the wacky consortium of fun little doodle things.’  Anyway, they’ve announced version 7.0 of the Unicode Standard, which will in turn see the introduction of all those sweet new Emoji which will be seen in future versions of the Android and iOS operating systems.


According to the Unicode Consortium, the new emoji characters are primarily derived from characters used in the Wingdings and Webdings fonts. A full list of the new emoji names can be found on Emojipedia, which includes descriptions for each future emoji. A few examples:



– “Clamshell Mobile Phone”
– “man in business suit levitating”
– “Black Skull & Crossbones”
– “chipmunk”
– “Sleuth or Spy”
– “reversed hand with middle finger extended”



We’re especially looking forward to using the man in business suit levitating next to a chipmunk. For… reasons.