iPhone Tip Of The Day! Siri Edition.

Here’s your hot tip for this fine Friday afternoon! In iOS 7 you don’t have to do all that work (pressing the home button ) to get Siri’s attention – if the phone is awake, you can simply lift the phone to your ear and start talking. After you’ve gotten her attention, you can put the phone anywhere in front of you to talk to her.


Simply go to Settings> General> Siri> Switch the button for ‘Raise to Speak’ to on.


Easy! Now go ask Siri what awesome things you should do this weekend! Oh, what, you already have awesome things planned? Well aren’t you just too cool for school. You still need Siri man, how you gonna get to that awesome place where they have those awesome free cocktails without her? Huh? How you gonna have cool facts to impress the ladies without her? HUH?