Apple Special media Event is coming!

The Apple Special Media event is coming at your FACE! At all of our faces, actually. Official invitations are OUT, rumortown is ramping up, and people are eager beavers. Some people are just beavers.


Either way. The event is tag-lined “Let us Loop you in”. It’s all happening in Cupertino, at Apple’s 1 Infinite Loop campus at 10 am PT/1 pm ET.


What can we expect? Well, the following product announcements are expected:


A 4-inch iPhone called iPhone SE. This model will have an A9 chip and M9 chip with always-on Siri, Apple Pay and Live Photos, although it will look more like an iPhone 5 with the power button on top of the phone.



A smaller 9.7 inch iPad Pro. Basically, exactly that. A smaller 9.7 inch iPad pro (regular size is 12.9-inch). Also somewhat expected is for it to have A9X and M9 chips and upgraded camera specs.


We can also expect new Apple Watch bands. And, who knows, maybe a teleportation Apple Watch feature? Yeah? Mr Cook? Mr Ive? Yeah?


Fingers crossed?








March 21st

Yelp for people is here.



Peeple is a free  app that launched recently, and yes, it’s exactly like Yelp, but for people.


From the Sauce: “Peeple is an app that allows you to recommend and be recommended by the people you interact with in your daily lives in three ways: personally, professionally, and romantically.”


Uh oh, says nearly everyone.


The app was announced late last year, and nearly everyone thought it was a prank. But it’s not. Get ready for people to rate you, guy. Yeah, I’m talking to you. You better not look at me like that, because I have Peeple.


BUT it’s not quite the end of the world as we know it, as you can’t be super anonymous ( which we all know makes people into monsters), you have to have a FB profile that’s been active for at least 6 months and a cell phone number, and you need those things to create a profile, and from there you can rate people.


We can see this turning into a weird dating site. Guy likes girl he knows vaguely, he ‘rates’ her and tells everyone she’s awesome. Girl must approve of rating, girl likes being told she’s awesome, girl dates guy. Guy is actually a big meanie, girl breaks up with guy, guy rates her badly, girl doesn’t approve rating and moves on with her life.




That, combined with Linkedin, Kinda.


UNTIL next month, when they’re planning to release a paid version, where anyone who pays can see all reviews written about everyone, even if they’re not approved. Ouch.


Will you use Peeple?



iPhone Tip Of The Day! How to block a caller.

Do you have a stalker?



If the answer to that question is yes, you should probably speak to the police. But this might help too.


To block a caller, go to their most recent call. Add them as a contact. Use fake names, like Stupidhead Don’tanswer.


Now, go to Settings> Phone> Blocked> Add New.



BAM! Stupidhead Don’tanswer can no longer call, message or Facetime you. Sucker.





World’s first VR Cinema experience

VR is the next big thing. Or is it already the big thing? Either way, if you want to experience it with a bunch of other people doing the same thing – get thee to Amsterdam!


Samhoud Media just announced that it’s opening the first permanent VR Cinema theater in Amsterdam, followed by other European cities later this year.


So how does it work?


Instead of everyone facing one big screen, eating popcorn and trying to ignore the kids behind them, this cinema experience includes swivel chairs, Samsung Gear and Sennheiser HD 201 headphones


If you do make the trip to the lovely city of Canals, expect movies about 35 minutes long, and costing about 12.50 clams. That’s euro clams. And also expect to feel a little weird and futuristic?

Check it out, thanks to samhoudinspirations:








Google pay just got sexier

Google just released it’s new mobile payments service and it’s just a little bit different to the competition… you can make payments using your voice.




Those crazy google Folk. It’s called Hands Free, and after setting it up with your photo and credit card information, all you have to do is say ” I want to pay with Google” in a participating store. The cashier will confirm your identity by checking the photo linked to your account and asking for your initials.


Instead of using a NFC ( Near Field Communication) chip like Apple pay and the like, the Hands Free Google app uses Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Location services.


Right now, you’ll only find participating stores in a few select stores in the Bay Area – namely a couple of McDonalds and Papa Johns.


Pretty fancy, Google.





Deal of the Week! XBox One Holiday Bundle for $399.99



Newegg on Ebay has a 1TB Microsoft Xbox One Holiday Bundle (Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, Rare Replay, & Ori and the Blind Forest) PLUS Tom Clancy’s The Division PLUS Rainbow Six Siege PLUS Assassin’s Creed Syndicate on sale for just $399.99. PLUS free shipping.


Pretty rad.



What are you waiting for? CLICK HERE.



Weekend taken care of. Tick.




iPhone Pro coming?

Are we going to see an iPhone Pro this year?


The rumor wheel is spinning faster and faster coming up to the Special Media Event on March 21st, and one in particular has caught our eye. A dual camera iPhone 7 Plus, which will (perhaps) be called the iPhone Pro.


Yes, you read that correctly – a dual camera model is expected (by some), as well as a single lens camera iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7.


This is disputed however, as it seems to many like Apple are trying to simplify their product line-up – not make it bigger and more complicated.


The iPhone 7, 7 Plus and Pro wouldn’t be released until later on in the Fall of this year, well after the rumored 4-inch iPhone SE, which is expected to be announced at the March media event.


Also at the media event there is expected to be announcements about a 9.7-inch iPad, purportedly branded as an iPad Pro.



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Read Craig Federighi’s Op-Ed about the Apple V FBI case


The Apple Vs FBI case is heating up.


The case concerns the FBI asking Apple to unlock one of the iPhones used by one of the San Bernadino shooters. Apple has said that doing so would set a dangerous precedent, and privacy is a vital part of the issue.


Senior Vice President of Software Engineering Craig Federighi has written an op-ed  for the Washington Post, explaining Apple’s position. It’s a worthwhile read for an important issue.


Check it out here.



Tech Tip of the week! Autocorrect edition

Do you HATE autocomplete? Do you want to know how to ducking disable it? BECAUSE YOU CAN!!


Over your WHOLE phone.


Go to Settings > General > Keyboard, and tap turn off Auto-Correction.




Just be prepared for realizing how crap you actually are at typing. It’s kind of like when you sing along with the radio and then it cuts out….



While you’re there – check out Just cos it’s Monday, and why not?