NYPD switches it up

The NYPD has been using handwritten memo books for over a century and on February 17th will be making the switch to an iPhone App for note taking which will be available in real time.


The NYPD has been providing officers with smartphones since 2015, and there are now 37,000 iPhones in use.


The idea is that case related notes will be more accessible using the app, with no information getting lost, data won’t be able to be faked, and it will all be easily searchable by date or keyword.


The app will also streamline all the information, and cut down on paper waste.


NYPD Deputy Chief Anthony Tasso told The New York Times that the digital system will allow for entries to be used as valuable crime fighting data. “It gives us the abilities we did not have before, when memo books were left in officers’ lockers and we didn’t have access to a vast amount of information,” he said.



Apple Watch for the win?

The Swiss watch industry is estimated to have shipped a total of 21.1 million units worldwide in 2019. Which is a lot of watches.


BUT The Apple Watch shipped an estimated 30.7 million units worldwide in 2019, which is a lot more.


Unsurprisingly, according to the data, the Apple Watch is more popular among younger buyers, whilst older customers prefer the traditional Swiss. Apple Watch is most popular in North America, Western Europe, and Asia.


BUT these numbers are actually a guesstimate, as Apple doesn’t release Apple Watch sales numbers. So… make of that what you will. Watches are cool.