38 hours left guys



As of right now, there is just 38 hours left (PST) until the Apple doors open at 8AM Friday the 20th September, 2013. That’s local time.


And you guys know what happens when those doors open, right? A big hoard of Geniuses will be standing there looking, let’s admit it, a little creepy, a little worried and very, very smiley. Kind of like this, but holding iPhones instead.





If you’ve lined up, kudos! Look at you being all dedicated! You get to be first! Being first is pretty good. I hope you guys get a medal as well as a shiny new iPhone.





If you didn’t line up, well, you’ll probably still get to see and even buy a shiny new iPhone 5s.  Probably don’t deserve a medal though, sorry guy.


Either way- here’s what you need to know. According to 9to5mac, 3 out of 4 units available at the Apple stores will be Space grey, so if you’re after Gold or Silver, they might be a bit harder to get your hands on.


16Gb and 32Gb options will be more readily available, as will phones on contract to AT&T.  The iPhone 5S is predicted to sell out in store quite quickly, so be ready guys!


Don’t forget, the iPhone 5S will also be available to order online at 12:01 A.M. on Friday.









Images courtesy of Abbeville.com and carew.com

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