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So, you thought they might run out of online dating ideas soon, right? Tinder, 3inder, Grindr, Tastebuds, Hinge, Score, Tindog, Happn, Sizzl, Bumble, Align, Once, *breath*, Coffee Meets Bagel, Pure, Howaboutwe…. The list just doesn’t stop.


There’s a reason for that – people like connecting, even for a moment, potentially for a lifetime. Make it fun, interesting, make the possibilities endless, you’ve got a dating App, friends.


So what’s the new one you guys can play around with?


Well, this one’s a little more serious, and requires a little more… commitment before deciding you wanna get in this app’s sandbox.


We’re talking LoveRoom. ‘It’s like Airbnb meets OkCupid’.


Ummmm… ok? So what does that exactly mean?


Well, you search for a match based on interests and video profiles. Then, you flirt with possible matches, by sending private messages to people who’ve accepted your friend request.


Sounds familiar, right? Well get this: Then, when you’ve picked a match, you move in together for a week.




The aim here seems to be: Learn all about them in a really intense way, so you know if they’re worth investing time in! You can still go on dates, or you can, just, you know, Netflix and chill*…


Go see what it’s all about here. It’s free to sign up using your Facebook or email. And let us know if any of you crazy cats do it! Because, you know, science.


* Sex is not a compulsory part of this whole thing. Just so you know, creepies.





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