The Happiest new dating site.


Are you a fan of the happiest place on earth? No, we’re not talking about your Netflix and Chill couch, we’re talking Disneyland, dummies. You know, giant fake animals walking around, scary fast rides, overprices food, really long lines… all that good stuff. happiest Place on earth, duh.




A dating site exclusively for Disney fans, you can find your perfect Prince Charming, Cinderella, or Cute lil’ Grumpy Dwarf as easy as breaking out into song in the middle of your working day. Probably easier, actually.


To join and find your Snow White, you have to answer Disney related questions, discover your Disney nerd level, scout around the public member profiles, and if you want to contact someone… pay the $12.55 monthly membership fee.


Good luck Disnerds!




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