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According to the rumors doing the tech rounds, the Apple Watch 2 will begin an earlier than expected trial production round by the end of January. Qanta, the Chinese based manufacturers responsible for the original Apple Watch, is said to be the main source (if not only source) of production for the 2nd Gen Apple Watch.


Other manufacturers, however, such as Foxconn,  may be sourced to help supply the 2nd generation after Qanta apparently experienced less than stellar profit returns on the original.


So what can we expect?


Expect the 2nd generation Apple Watch to have a thinner case, a FaceTim camera (yay!) and an upgraded Wi-Fi chip, so you can do more without being attached to your iPhone.


Expect health technologies to shine on this device. Although CEO Tim Cook recently said that he didn’t want the Apple Watch itself to go through the whole FDA APPROVAL rigmarole, Apps and other side by side tech would probably be moved in that direction.


Recent additions to Apple seem to cement that idea, with hires like Anne Shelchuk, who has a doctorate in biomedical engineering, system design engineer Nathan Clark, who has a doctorate in biomedical engineering and a patent for a device that separates cells, and Craig Slyfield, a mechanical engineer who’s co-authored several papers related to measuring and visualizing human bones in 3D.


So, we can conclude that the Apple Watch 2 will have a FaceTime camera, x-ray vision capabilities, and a cell separator. Neato.


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