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It’s FINALLY here! ONE MORE THING! This morning the iWatch Apple Watch was revealed and we have all the beautiful wearable tech details for you!


Firstly – how to solve a problem like no-one wants to wear the same watch? Make a bunch of watches, dummy. And that’s what Apple has done with the Apple Watch. It’s the most highly customizable technology Apple has ever made.


As well as 6 different (and interchangeable) strap options and what seems to be a bazillion types of changeable displays, the Apple Watch comes in 2 sizes (dimensions not specified yet), and 3 models: The Apple Watch, The Apple Watch Sport and the Apple Watch Edition. Respectively it goes: Stainless Steel; Aluminum casing, and 18-karat gold.


You will need an iPhone to have the Apple Watch. We mean, you can probably have one without owning an iPhone, but it wouldn’t do much. At all. You need an iPhone for the Apple Watch to work. BUT the excellent news is that it will work with any iPhone from the iPhone 5 and up. Bajinga.


The fancy innovation that we knew was coming with the watch is in the crown, or, we should say, the digital crown. The twisty knob that normally sits on the side of watches is instrumental in the user interface of the Apple Watch, becoming a zoom, scroll and home button all in one.


There is a button below the digital crown that, when pressed, calls up your favorite contacts and lets you call, message or contact them via the Apple Watch’s ‘new form of communication’. This includes sending your heartbeat to someone, sending customizable emoji’s, your own doodles and drawings, and sending taps. Time to learn morse code?


Raise your wrist and the watch face display disappears and in its place is your recognizable navigation home page, with all your apps. You can move in and out to see more or less of the apps, and touch to go into them.


A really cool feature we liked a lot was in the messages app. If you receive a message and wish to reply, you can either dictate the reply and the device will send it via type or audio to the recipient, or it will give you a list of replies created from analysis of the original message.


The given example was a message with a question regarding song choice for Karaoke, giving two options. Those two options were included in the possible replies the device gave. Our lives are slowly turning into a one-button lifestyle! We think we like it…


Exciting feature number 2: Apple Watch has Siri! It will be interesting how close you have to hold the watch to talk to Siri, as in the demo Kevin Lynch was leaning quite close to the demo watch.


Apple Watch can tell the difference between a touch and a press which allows easier movement around the user interface and includes a feature called Taptic feedback – which means if you get a notification, a direction on maps, or a special message – it doesn’t vibrate, it taps to you, so only you feel it. Each direction on maps has a different ‘tap’. James Bond much. We foresee magical blindfolded missions with our Apple Watches! Is that just us?


You can keep your photos on the device, which is pretty sweet, and any photo you favorite in iPhoto or on your iPhone will automatically appear on the Apple Watch.


4 sapphire lenses on the back of the watch detect pulse rate and the combination of a gyroscope, accelerometer, Wi-Fi and GPS creates a comprehensive picture of your daily activity. We’re talking tracking standing and running and walking and heart rate and we’re all going to be healthy. Or feel bad about ourselves about all the not being healthy we’re doing.


To charge, although not specifically mentioned, it seems like the Apple Watch might need nightly charging, but it does charge with a specifically designed, snug little MagSafe charger, so no complicated new cables or awkward positioning needed.


Apple is giving the Apple Watch over to developers for the rest of the year, looking forward to the added capabilities they can give the Apple Watch. New applications mentioned by Tim Cook that will for sure be included are for the Starwood Hotel chain, the ability to check in and unlock your hotel room door with the watch, the ability to check into your American Airlines flights, the ability to control lighting and temperature in your home, MLB sports updates, the ability to control Apple TV, the ability to use the watch as a viewfinder for your iPhone camera AND walkie talkie ability. Sweet 80’s ski-slope style.


Overall, the Apple Watch was what we expected and a little bit more- a bunch of extremely useful technologies with a focus on health and making life and communication easier, bundled up into one beautifully designed, highly customizable watch.


The watch will start at $349 and will be available early 2015.



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