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So we’re pretty excited about the Apple Watch.


We know there are a lot of people out there who aren’t- people who dislike Apple for the sake of disliking Apple, people who don’t like to wear watches, people who have really fat wrists…


But we’re excited. The one thing, however, that was rather glossed over in the Special Media Event where it was announced was battery power. Specifically, how long the battery will stay powered.


There have been rumors that this is one reason for the (some say) delayed release date of early(ish) 2015 instead of the predicted release date of 4th quarter 2014. The little Apple Oompa Loompa’s have apparently been working around the clock to try and increase the battery length of the Apple watch past one day’s use, which it seems to be at currently.


In comparison with other brands of smart watch, the Apple watch seems to be a fierce competitor, however when we’re talking specifically about battery length, not so much. Although it’s not too bad – the other watches range from less than one day ( Hi Moto 360) to one day, to 7 days ( Hi Pebble Steel).


These two things obviously interact- with more processing power and capabilities comes less battery life. If Apple is unable to increase the battery life on the Apple Watch, and it does indeed need to be plugged in overnight, every night, will that sway those in the market for the next new & big thing? The newest Apple wearable tech no less?


Hey, maybe it’ll be a Jony Ive Christmas Miracle and they’ll figure out completely wireless charging in time for the release! And then, in twenty years, our children will ask us why we sometimes call starting to charge something ‘plugging it in’.


Just like some kids these days don’t know why we say ‘roll down/up’ the window’. Isn’t that WEIRD?










*We’re sorry, that was mean

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