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It’s Friday! Happy Weekend guys!!


So, we get that you don’t usually look forward to Mondays on a Friday afternoon, but guess what makes this coming Monday different?


That’s right, an Apple Special Media Event, that’s what. Time to SPRING FORWARD!


Obviously it’s not that exciting. We’d be really excited if they were, like, giving away free Apple Watches at the event. Or even releasing them to be sold for, let’s face it, quite a bit of monies.




They will be talking a bit more about it. So that’s pretty cool, right? .. right? RIGHT! Well, cool enough. The Apple Watch product release is building in anticipation, and this is one of the ways that Apple amp that anticipation up a notch, those clever guys. And you know what else they do? Release information as rumors right beforehand!


So here’s what we’re looking at rumor-wise: The Apple Watch will take about 2 hours to charge, which will give you all day battery life, with about 5 hours of heavy use in that day.


The Apple Watch will only deliver notifications whilst the watch is sitting pretty on your wrist, and will stop with the notifications when it’s not on your skin or below 10% battery.
Pressing and holding the Digital Crown will summon Siri, which (who?) is apparently working really well on the watch.


If your battery is low but you still really need to know the time, the watch will have a Power Reserve Mode, which can be accessed at any time and will shut down all functionality except for the watch. The time-telling Watch. The clock bit. You know what we mean.


Apparently the Apple Watch will have 8GB of storage available, with other larger options available, such as in the iPhone/iPad.



The keynote begins on Monday at 10 AM P.S.T. and will be live-streamed on the Apple Website and on a designated Apple TV channel. We will be keep you up to date on  all the Apple Watch details and everything else that is revealed on Monday!




Have a rad weekend.




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