Apple’s new iPad Air ad is poetry to your ears.


Apple has released a new ad for the iPad air and as per usual, it teams magnificent visuals with an emotional and thought provoking voiceover. The ad was debuted during the NFL playoffs this last weekend – oh, wait a sec –



Go Niners!


Ahem. Excuse us. The ad features a speech from the movie Dead Poets society by Robin Williams’ character, including poetry by Whitman, over the top of people using iPads in extraordinary and inspiring ways.



Apple has also simultaneously launched a new website called ‘Your Verse’ to share the stories of the people featured in the ad, plus more who use the iPad in their occupations.


To quote from the ad –


“That the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse.”


What will your verse be?


Another pretty rad ad from the magic people at Apple who seem to know exactly what we like to see and respond to best. Very suspiciously awesome Apple, we’re watching you.


Cos that’s what you want.


Cue rat playing the trumpet.



Images courtesy of and Video courtesy of Apple’s YouTube Channel. 

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