Bought a Verizon iPhone 5S and having trouble activating it? We got you


Hands up who bought an iPhone 5S unlocked through Verizon and can’t activate it because it’s saying your SIM is not valid?


Hopefully not too many people, and hopefully those people have sorted it out by now, but we thought we’d give you a fix just in cases.



If you have had this problem, shaking your phone wildly and shouting at it that the “SIM IS VALID YOU STUPID SHINY BEAUTIFUL THING” won’t help. It’ll look awesome, but it won’t help.


Call Verizon, or go see them if you can’t handle their customer service. Thanks to Appleinsider,  we know that Verizon’s internal issue ticket number for this is 6504781. Giving the Customer service agent this number will speed things up significantly.



Good luck, and quit shaking that beautiful shiny new iPhone 5S! Much more of that and you’ll be sending it in to us! ( We’d love to take it off your hands….keep shaking it…)









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