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So we all now about the Find My iPhone App, right? The App that you can use on a separate device with your iCloud account to locate your iPhone if it’s missing? If used properly, it’s super useful for device owners and also apparently in keeping iPhone muggins down, but recently it’s been used in a different and wholly remarkable way!


A 28-yr old woman names Melissa Vasquez was driving on Mount Hamilton near San Jose California recently when one of the worst things that could have happened, happened. For whatever reason, her car went off the road and fell down through thick trees about 500 ft into a steep ravine before coming to a stop. She was injured and unable to contact anybody for help for over 15 hours.


Her miracle? The Find My iPhone App.


The OnStar satellite tracking system on her 2012 Chevy Cruze initially sent out a distress call, however after 2 hours of searching, police couldn’t find any sign of her or her car. There was a ‘be on the lookout’ notice issues by the police with the vehicle description to all law enforcement agencies in Santa Clara County.


It was only when her Stepmother called in the following morning to report Miss Vasquez missing that they realized what they were dealing with was more than a faulty OnStar issue, and the search restarted in earnest.


One bright young police officer went to her home and after confirming with family that she had an iPhone, was able to guess the password on her iPad and use the Find My iPhone app to pinpoint the location of her iPhone, and hence, Miss Vasquez.


Apple’s Find My iPhone app locates users with a database of Wi-Fi hotspots, cell phone tower locations, as well as the GPS satellite system, and tracks users over time. The location was accurate and they discovered Miss Vasquez’s car, and herself quickly.


The U.S. Coast Guard helicopter were called to airlift her from the scene and she was taken to hospital where she was in a stable condition.


Even if it’s not the originally designed purpose of the app, that was probably a day when the Find My iPhone app engineers were due an unexpected but worthy thank you. Perhaps its also an incentive to use the technology to make a more purpose built app to serve the needs of people in circumstances such as the one Miss Vasquez unfortunately found herself in.




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