iPhone 7 Rumors catching fire!

iPhone 7 is coming!


So what can we expect? With what feels like the most ferocious and threatening iPhone competitors rearing their heads this year, the iPhone 7 better have game!


Some have suggested that this year’s iPhone release will, in fact, be very similar to the iPhone 6 & 6s, and that next year is when all the fancy magic happens. Either way, here’s what we know. (As always, here is your grain of salt —> . )


The device may be made entirely of glass, instead of aluminum. The display will be OLED (yay) .


It’ll have a 3,100mAh battery, which is 12.5 per cent bigger than the iPhone 6S Plus.


The iPhone 7 will have a gold color option.


It’ll have a better taptic engine – meaning that 3D touch will be better and that there’ll be an improvement to the taptic feedback in the phone.


We may finally get wireless charging, and there may be no physical home button.


Water resistance, a better duel lens camera, and better battery life have all been thrown around, but they always are at this stage.


There will apparently be no 16GB option on the new device, with the phone instead being offered at a base 32GB.This also creates space for a 256GB option, because we all know how much we LOVE MORE SPACE!


We’re pretty sure that the device will have no headphone jack, and there may be the intorudction of a smart connecter, which, like on the iPad Pro, will provide a port for power and data transfer.


So there we go!! That’s what we know. Lots of folk out there are pretty convinced that Apple are moving to what they call a ‘tick tick tock’ cycle instead of a ‘tick tock’ cycle, which purely means that they won’t have major iPhone upgrades every year, and we’ll have to wait until 2017 to see some magic.


What do you think?





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