iPhone iOS 5 Tips & Tricks Part 2

Welcome to our second part of  iPhone Tips and Tricks! We hope you found some useful and easier ways to use your iPhone in the last article, and hope you’ll find even more in this second part!

Choose different vibrations for different contacts
Now this is very cool. Now not only can you have different ring tones for different contacts in your phonebook- now you can have different vibrate alerts too. Fantastically useful if you use your phone on vibrate and you need to know who is calling in the middle of class/that meeting.
Simply go to Settings – General – Accessibility – Custom vibrations and turn on.
Then, whilst still in Settings, go to Sounds, and right down the bottom with be vibration. In there you can create your own vibration or choose one of the generic ones. In the contact you want to change in contacts, hit ‘edit’ and under ringtone will be the vibration option. Done!

Space on your iPhone
If you have limited space on your iPhone, and don’t know where it’s all going- go to Settings – General-Usage and you can see all the apps on your iPhone and how much space they’re taking up. If you decide that one app isn;t worth keeping, click on it and you have the option to delete it.

Different calender view.
In your calender, if you have it set to see a month view, you can actually get a week view simply by turning your iphone horizontal. You can scroll across to see the days and up and down to see the hours. Turn back up the right way to go back to the month view.

Edit your music tabs
Not everyone listens or organises their music the same way. Because there are quite a few options available in your music app, Apple sends all iPhone’s out with the same organization. To change this, simply go to ‘More’ on the bottom right hand side, and the press ‘Edit’ on the top left. This allows you to change the bottom buttons to however is best for you to use and listen to your music.

This is a very easy one, but not well known and can be very useful. Once in the calculator, if you turn the iPhone on its side, you get a scientific calculator!

Home Button
Here’s a clever one… Now, here at iPhone Antidote, we think that if your iPhone is damaged, you should sell it and trade up to a new one! But, if that’s just not possible, here is one rescue feature. If your home button no longer works, go to Settings, General, Accessibility, then turn Assistive Touch to ‘ON’. This will place a moveable home button on the screen.

here’s to easier iPhone use!