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Happy Sunday Guys! Hope you’re having an awesome day filled with endless mimosa’s, friends and laughter!




Whatcha going to do when your iPhone dies? And you’re stuck full of mimosa’s and you can’t figure out how to get where you need to be!? Huh? huh Mr & Mrs Mimosa? Because…



We got you! If you’re worried about the battery on your beloved iPhone running out, there’s a couple of things you can do. Hoorah!



1. Are you in a cave? No? Turn your brightness down!  Settings> Wallpapers & Brightness ( Or Brightness & Wallpapers on pre-iOS 7).


2. At a concert? No? Turn your volume down! (uh… we hope we don’t really need to say this, but it’s the buttons on the side.)


2.  Sometimes you just don’t need to be sending diagnostics to Apple, you know? This eats up your battery life, so turn it off!  Settings -> General -> About -> scroll to the bottom of the screen.Click on Diagnostics & Usage and switch it to ‘Don’t send’.


3. Turn things off. Like Bluetooth. What, are you playing music through a wireless speaker while drinking mimosa’s? Well, that sounds pretty awesome actually. But if you need to save battery, turn it off!


We figure Unless you’re in a foreign country and relying on Wifi – turn that mother off! Settings> Wifi> switch to off.


If you’re down to urgent battery levels you can even turn your phone on Airplane mode until you need to use it, saves a boatload of battery!


4. Close out all of your Apps. in iOS 6 and below, double click the home button, press an App until it wiggles, then touch the red circles until it disapears. On iOS 7, double click the home button then swipe each image of an App that appears upwards until it disappears.


We hope these tips will help you out some, and we’ll be letting you know some more long term battery saving tips and tricks in the next week!


High five!




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