It’s Super Bowl Time!


Alright kids, it’s SUPERBOWL TIME!


This Sunday, the Superbowl XLVii pregame starts at 11am ET with kick-off scheduled for 6:30pm ET.


The most anticipated game of the year will pit the Baltimore Ravens against the San Francisco 49ers in the New Orleans Superdome.


Over 100 million people are set to be watching the game in various settings and using different methods, from big Super Bowl parties, to streaming though the internet all over the world, to sitting in bars, to sneakily watching it at work ( poor suckers).


Whatever way you’ll be watching the game this Sunday, we have the technology that will make the experience all the more exciting!



Live Streaming:- FREE! will live-stream the entire Super Bowl game for free. will also broadcast the entire game. Viewers will be able to choose from different camera angles, as well as connect to social-media sites like Twitter and Facebook.– A live feed that collates live chat, photos from fans at the game and all over the world, the Super Bowl commercials, and an instant game tracker.






NFL Mobile. Only for Verizon subscribers, who can watch the game live on their iPhone.- Free


The official Superbowl XLVii guide – free
A good app for it’s intended use, but it’s only intended to be used by those lucky bastards who happen to be either at the game, or in New Orleans. Includes locations of Super Bowl events, fan stores, parking and media centers.


Foodie Recipes- Game Day Guide – Free
40 Recipes to please everyone at the party! (Cos food’s pretty important )


The Football Party Game – $5.49 ( Note, only one person in your group needs to buy the app)
Before the Super Bowl starts, your friends ( with you at the party or not) will answer 20 questions to do with the upcoming game- from What color the Gatorade is, how long the national Anthem will last, who will score a penalty first etc. Those who choose the correct answers will gain points automatically through the app and whoever wins the most points wins the game. We are definitely not suggesting that this could be used as a drinking game.


49ers Gameday Live ( iPhone App only) – Free
For dedicated Niners fans, with all the stats, team member info, photos, videos, and interviews, you could want, with live updates and information as the game is won by the Niners. GO NINERS!


Baltimore Ravens Mobile App – Free
Similar to the 49ers app, with stats and vital information with live updates during the game.


Skype, Facetime, TOK Football Apps.

If you are unable to be in the same room with all of your football lovin’ friends, Skype and Facetime can be a useful tool to celebrate touchdowns, argue over calls or gloat over opposite team goals. Another App to add to this list is The TOK Football App. After registering an account, this app gives you the chance to invite and speak (Live and continuously) with up to 4 friends while watching the game on TV. The app also includes real time stats and info about the game.


So, hopefully now you have all you need to watch the Super Bowl this Sunday and make it the best game-day experience possible!