Just sent a text you didn’t mean to? We got you!

Ever have that moment of sheer panic when you realize that you just sent a text to the person you were talking about, not the person you were talking to?




Here’s something you can try the next time you realize you sent a message and you realllly don’t want it to be actually sent.


Put your phone into airplane mode IMMEDIATELY. Like, faster than your little fingers have ever moved before kind of immediately. If you’re successful, the message will fail to send, allowing you to delete the message into the ether, never to be seen by any human’s eyes again.



Just a word of warning- there’s a great chance it might not work. Your phone/network might be too fast, and then you’re on your own, guys. Plead temporary insanity, drunkiness, or a badly played off joke. Or you could be, like, honest we guess, people say that’s a good thing don’t they?


OR OR OR, OR – someone kidnapped you, took your phone, and is using it to torture you by screwing your life up in very minute ways…


Remember: Text responsibly!




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