Let your imagination run free- iPhone 2052

Let’s play a game. Instead of trying to guess the specs or shape of the iPhone being released this year, let’s imagine for a moment that instead we’re eagerly anticipating the release of the new iPhone, June or October 2052.

Screw guessing shape. We’re going to start by thinking about the quality and clarity of hologram the new release will allow us. HD holograms. People are talking about how they will assuredly have, by now, fixed up the bug in the iFeel app so that when you use the app to touch something thousands of miles away, there is no time lag. There is a large group excitedly anticipating and discussing the controversy of the iChip that we can place on our wrists that will come with a surge of dopamine, and how the amalgamation of pharmaceutical companies and Apple has made taking prescription drugs easier, and with this release, more prescription drugs have been added to the list Apple works with. There are people raving about how glasses and contacts will be a thing of the past once the new release comes out equipped with a way to make your eyes work better only using invisible electrical messages. Educators everywhere are waiting to have the ability to be able to map their student’s brain activity, and have that map available to them whilst they’re teaching, to better understand the way that the student’s brain works, and how they learn.

Scientists and governments are wondering how to police and politicize the iFeed program while the rest of us are wondering how it will change our world- if someone doesn’t want to finish their meal, they can take a photo of it and send the nutrients to a bank that can be accessed by NGO’s in the few still poverty stricken communities.

Everyone knows by now that the technology that comes with the new Apple release will make their world better. What do you think we’ll be looking forward to with the new i-release, 2052?