New MacBook Airs


MacBook Airs were given a small but quite amazing revamp in time for WWDC 2013.


The new 11-inch and 13-inch notebooks use Haswell processers, which provide better overall performance and most importantly- increased battery life or ‘all day’ battery life as described by Apple.


The 11 inch MacBooks will increase from 5 hours of battery life to 9 hours and the 13 inch MacBooks will increase from 7 hours to a pretty amazing 12 hours of battery life. I know we just said Amazing to describe that, but we totally think it deserves an Astounding too. Simply astounding battery life!


The new MacBooks also come with 40% better graphics performance, and up to 3 times faster Wi-Fi capabilities with 802.11ac compatibility.  802.11ac is the newest Wi-Fi standard, but as it is not common yet, Apple also announced a new Airport Extreme that is compatible with 802.11ac.


The pricing has changed a little (for the better) with the narrowing hard drive options, as the 64 GB is not available with this update. The 11″ MacBook Air starts at $999 with a 128GB hard drive and the 13″ MacBook Air with a 128GB hard drive starts at $1099.


Available online and in retail stores as of today (yesterday officially, but a lot of stores actually started selling them today).


Image courtesy of Ubergizmo.