Siri coming to the Mac?

HEY SIRI! Will you always be stuck inside my iPhone?


Well, guy, maybe not, as the case may be. Now, no jumping too far ahead of yourself there, we’re not saying that she’s going to be a physical entity anytime soon (although don’t count it out?), rumor has it that Siri will be coming to a Mac computer near you, and soon.


How soon? Why, later this year, we’re so glad you asked! Apparently Siri will be a feature in OS X 10.12 which debut’s later this year. It’s had over 3 years of testing and will accessed through an icon in the menu bar as well as via a keyboard shortcut and by the “Hey Siri” command when the computer is connected to power.



OS X 10.12 will probably be announced at WWDC in June ahead of a fall release.





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