SKype free group messaging coming soon to iOS

Good news iOS folk! Last month, Skype began offering a group video calling feature to Windows Tablets! Them first!? Unfairses! Well, not really, because Skype is owned by Microsoft…


Up to 10 people can get in on this free group calling, which is great, obviously, for families, friends who are on different continents, long distance group relationships, etc. Get a stand for the tablet and it becomes room calling, except there’s 10 different rooms in your room. Did anyone say party?


Anyways. Skype has just announced that the group video calling feature will be coming to ALL mobile platforms, for FREE, in the next to near future. Which means iOS most likely, although it was not specified. Also not specified was the date, although people (who say that they’re) in the know say that this will happen before the year is out.


10 rooms within a room parties for ALL!


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