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Do you break a lot of iPhones? Know someone who does? Spectacular offer just for you breaky spilly guys

Sell us 5 broken phones, and get a free Nokia Brick Phone!

Sell us 5 broken phones, and get a free Nokia Brick Phone!


Do you know someone who somehow manages to break every phone they’ve ever owned? You know that guy (is it you, guy?) who’s screen is always cracked? The dude who always has the most inconceivable and entertaining stories behind how he broke his iPhone?


Are you constantly squinty faced trying to see that avocado chia toast Instagram through thousands of tiny crack lines on your iPhone screen?


Did you just run over your 5th iPhone? 


That’s ok. We’re here. We understand. (There’s a reason we’re in this business). Here’s where our new offer comes in.


If you or a friend breaks iPhones all the time – send them to us! If you send us your broken, cracked, water damaged or stinky old used iPhone, we’ll send you a $5 coupon code to use on your next order!


And, check this ish out


If we receive 5 iPhones from the same customer, we’ll pay you cashmoney AND WE’LL SEND YOU A NOKIA PHONE. You know, one of those brick phones that never break and always work! Throw it on the ground and you can still make calls. WIN!


Get a quote now! 





‘Nokia Singh’ by Bernard Goldbach is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

How to go about Selling an iPhone

How to Start Selling an iPhone

Many people nowadays are looking to upgrade iPhones.  If you are looking to upgrade to the iPhone 4S, or maybe even upgrade to the iPhone 5 once it is released, you are probably going to want to start thinking about selling an iPhone.


Once you upgrade your iPhone you can worry about how to sell your iPhone 4.  Selling an iPhone can prove to be very valuable, because often times they are worth quite a bit more than you would expect.  Often times, when you sell an old iPhone, you can get nearly the same amount of money as your new iPhone would cost.  Thus resulting in a free iPhone upgrade, or an iPhone trade-in where you sell your old iPhone in return for upgrading your iPhone for free!


There are many different ways you can sell your iPhone.  If you are thinking about selling an iPhone in person, it may be best to check to see if any of your friends are interested in purchasing it.  It could help them (by letting them get an off-contract iPhone) and help you (by getting money, of course!).


If you are looking to sell your iPhone online, it could be a little trickier.  There are websites like Craigslist and eBay, both of which are great websites, but they both have negative aspects as well.  One of the major negative aspects of selling an iPhone on Craigslist is that you have to meet up with a person and exchange a high value item.  This could be dangerous since some people may not be as honest, and even if not, it could just be a somewhat stressful experience.  You could also sell your iPhone on eBay, which is a really great resource, but it too can have some negative aspects.  iPhone sales on eBay tend to have a general amount of fraud associated with them, and unless you have a prominent eBay account, it could be hard to sell the iPhone online.


Now, however, there is another choice if you would like to upgrade your iPhone by selling your iPhone.  The iPhone Antidote is a trustworthy website which will buy your iPhone.  We buy iPhone’s no matter what the condition.  You can sell your iPhone 4 regardless of the condition.  Even if its in the condition “iPhone 4 water damage“, the iPhone Antidote will buy it!


If you want to start by selling an iPhone today go ahead and check out how much you can get paid today!  The iPhone Antidote even has payouts up to $400, check it out here