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Cancel Your T-Mobile Contract With No Fee!

Cancel Your T-Mobile Contract without an Early Termination Fee

If you act soon you should be able to cancel your T-Mobile contract with no early termination fee (ETF).


As it turns out, T-Mobile recently introduced a limit on the amount of domestic off-network data (roaming data) whereas previously there was no limit.


What this means is that if you call into T-Mobile and cancel your service you should be able to actually cancel your service without paying an early termination fee.  Make sure you act fast however, as the service change happened at the end of February and there is only a limited time to call and cancel regarding the change in data plans.


Hope this helps out


Here is a link to a more in depth post on a forum

AT&T Will Unlock Your iPhone if You are Off Contract!

Unlock Your iPhone



AT&T will now finally allow you to unlock your iPhone starting today.  This is a really great change for anyone that is currently using AT&T as their service provider and has had their iPhone long enough that they are off contract (essentially eligible for an upgrade).


Having an unlocked iPhone is great for several reasons.  One of the biggest being that the iPhone is actually worth more than a “locked” iPhone.  So if you were to sell your iPhone, you would likely be able to get more money for selling your iPhone.  Additionally, you will have the availability to switch carriers to another GSM carrier such as T-Mobile.  And another final benefit that is great is the availability to use your iPhone in different countries with local carriers (previously you would need to use AT&T as your sole service provider which would be much more expensive).


You can unlock your iPhone at an AT&T store, or even via online chat.  The only information that you need to unlock your iPhone is your IMEI number which is located in Settings -> General -> About  on your iPhone.


Once you have finished the process, Apple actually emails the unlock code for your iPhone to your email address.  Then simply unlock your iPhone using the code!


Should be really valuable for a lot of people!  Hope this helps!


Check Data and Cell Phone Usage for Overage

Don't Make it so You Have to Sell Your iPhone for Cash to Pay Your Bill!


Have you ever thought you might be a little over budget on your text or data usage for the month? It is easy to check and find out. And if you are actually over your plan for the month, don’t worry, just predate your bill with AT&T here. This can also be quite nice if you are worried about international or roaming usage, as this will show your limits as well as your actual usage.


In order to find out, simply take your phone and dial *3282# and click send. This triggers AT&T to send you a text message which will state the information regarding your plan. It specifies:


a) Your Next Billing Cycle Date
b) Data Usage
c) Text Message Usage
d) International/Roaming Data Usage
e) International Text Message Usage
f) Other Plan-Specific Information Regarding Your Phone Plan


That is it!  Enjoy!



How to Pre-Date your Phone Bill and Avoid Overages

Never Be Stressed About Cell Phone Overages Again!

Uh oh.  It happened.  You sent too many texts, used too much data, or called too many people.  Don’t worry, as long as you haven’t actually been billed for the usage, you can actually predate your bill with AT&T.


This can come in particularly handy if you are trying to “get by” with the smallest cell phone service package, if you are traveling and didn’t upgrade to an international or roaming package, or if you just happened to use your phone a little bit more than normal this month.


The process is surprisingly easy, but many people still don’t know that it is an option, and end up paying hundreds, even thousands, in overage fees (international data is billed at a staggering $20,000/GB as opposed to the normal $12.5/GB for domestic data).


First go to and login to your wireless account.  Then click “My AT&T” and then continue to “Wireless”.  At this point, if you are on a family plan, make sure that you are on the phone number that you want to change the rate plan for.  Click “Manage Features”.


Now you are able to select the features that you want to have on your account (or wished you had at the beginning of this billing period).  Choose the features which you want, and click continue at the bottom.


This brings you to a new page where you are asked to “Select an Effective/Expiration date”.  Now you have the option of three choices:


1) Backdate to the beginning of your billing period

            This is really great in case you are already over your limit for your bill.  This is the primary situation where you can save a considerable amount of money. Say goodbye to cell phone overages!


2) Make effective today

            If you know you are about to start using your phone more, or going traveling starting today, this is the option for you.


3) Future date to the next billing period

            This option is great for those who are well prepared, and don’t want to worry about going over in the future.  Unfortunately, you cannot choose a specific date for the features to be enacted, so you either need to future date it to the next billing period or wait until you actually need the features and choose “Make effective today”

Click confirm on the bottom of the page and that’s it!  Now you will never need to worry about pricey cell phone overages again!