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Google won’t release any more tablets

Google apparently won’t release any more tablet devices, preferring to concentrate on their laptop sector.


The company confirmed to ComputerWorld that they have actually canceled two models that were in development, and have reassigned those working on them to other areas.


The last tablet Google released was the Pixel Slate last year, and it’s suggested that they may have found it a little difficult to compete with Apple (responsible for most worldwide tablet shipments) and Samsung, as opposed to the laptop arena where they can compete more comfortably.



Google will continue offering support and updates for the Pixel Slate until June 2024. They are also supposedly planning to release a laptop-oriented Pixelbook product towards the end of the year, as well as still releasing new models of its Pixel line of phones.



Tablets taking over the world?



Tablets are predicted to overtake notebooks this year in sales, and projected to overtake sales of PC’s and notebooks combined by 2015, making tablets pretty much the king of the computer castle.


This is according to research firm IDC who released the figures in the last week, saying that tablets are expected to grow 59% this year, shipping 229 million units compared to a measly 144.5 million last year.


Although tablets have been around for a long time, their recent popularity is thanks to the Apple iPad, but the current growth is due to the proliferation of cheaper Android tablets and the role of Apple pushing for tablet use in education.


Here is a graph:



Pretty impressive, tablets. Anyone would think you had an evil plot to take over the world…or something.


Of course, these numbers don’t account for the mini computers we call phones, or any super awesome blow your mind technology that will be released between now and then, and it certainly doesn’t render the personal computer sector obsolete. Take that, tablets.


Now, when we start to get tablets that are flexible, have holographic keyboards, floating capabilities ( so you don’t have to carry them, d’uh), and an included wormhole for teleporting, then maybe tablets will be ready to take over the world.


p.s I love you iPad.



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