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Apple Videos

Here are some videos from the most recent Apple Event featuring the new iPads, the Apple Magic, the wonderful Mr Ive, and Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston as the narrator on the “Pencil” TV ad.


Way to be hip and happening with current pop culture there Apple. Also, way to use music and fancy images to make us all goosebumpy.


Enjoy friends!







Also enjoy this, posted on Aaron Paul’s instagram.












So can we use our iPhones on planes now or wha?



Ok, so the advisory committee for the Federal Aviation Administration have come through with something that looks like it could be positive at some point in the future for most travelers.



The bird is not the word- Vague is the word! ( Just kidding, The bird is still the word )



Basically, this special advisory group made up experts within the industry have recommended that the rules regarding electronic device usage of commercial aircraft be relaxed, that passengers should be allowed to use personal electronic devices in all parts of flight, including taxi, take off and landing.



So that’s pretty cool.



The FAA does not, however, need to actually do anything about these recommendations at all. Some rules may be relaxed and some might not – so you might be able to use an e-reader on take off but not an iPhone unless it’s on flight mode. You might not be able to talk on the phone but you could use it to play a game or listen to music



They could decide to just leave everything as is, because it’s easier to control. If they do make changes, it will more than likely be a while before we as passengers see any change.



So for the moment, it’s all… up in the air…













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iTunes Festival is over, boo. But here’s a highlight reel, yay!


Remember when we told you guys about the 2013 iTunes Festival in London? Yeah? Well, it’s almost over. Boo.


Hopefully you guys caught some of the awesome acts that shone during the 30 day festival – Kings Of Leon, The Lumineers, Queens of the stone age et al, and if you didn’t – well, here’s a highlight reel from Apple of what you missed.





Apple is also expected to have an E.P of the performances available in the Apple Store by the end of the year.



Yay Music!




New commercial for iPhone 5C


Here’s Apple’s new commercial for the iPhone 5C, celebrating all that is smooth, smooth colorful plastic. It also comes with a groovy little song.









Video courtesy of Apple.

Friday Afternoon App Review: Vine


So, Vine. It is no longer only wine in a Transylvanian accent; it is now also a mobile app. One of those fast up and coming social media apps that are going to take over the world. We feel like we should be running right now, that kind of thing.


The general gist of Vine is that it with it, you can create and post video clips. These video clips have a maximum length of 6 seconds and are posted in an unending loop.


The video clips that are posted have the ability to be shared on both Facebook, and Twitter, who since Oct 2012 actually own the app. So, cool. But what exactly am I using this for?


Well, companies have started using it in branching out further into social media advertising; some people are using it in journalism, it’s become big in film and there have already been Vine film festivals, and there are even those who believe that soon, video will take over the internet, and it all starts here. Bye, words.


You also get to see cool things like a person making a dog look like they are eating cereal. AND you get to play with stop motion, which, call us geeks but… it’s rad.


Three reasons you might have heard of Vine recently:


1. The head of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, climbed the Bay Bridge in San Francisco on June 3rd to celebrate the release of Vine for Android. He also put it on Vine.


2. Those people we all know who are always one step ahead of everyone else when it comes to cool new things are talking about it. Usually exclusively on social media.


3. Vine was also made famous for a reaction from one of the actresses of Game Of Thrones, regarding the so called ‘red wedding’ episode. And by that I mean I refuse to say anything more about it because the amount of people already talking about it is unbelieveable. Ever heard of spoilers people??




The app is pleasantly simple to use. You can browse through the editor’s picks of video’s, the popular section, or search for specific video’s by using people’s names or hashtags. To make your own video, simply press the video camera button, and Vine will take you through a tutorial.


Vine is free from the app store, however due to Twitter not forbidding pornography explicitly ( Ha!), upon Apple’s request, you now have to be 17 to download the app.




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Today is Google Day


Today is all about Google!


We realize that there is a lot of things in the world that are all about Google, but today Google had there big meeting thingy ( The 6th Annual Google I/O Developer Conference in San Francisco).


As always, we’re here to tell you all the things you might need to know, and all the things you didn’t even know you needed to know! (About new Google products and updates).


Frankly, it’s a lot of words, so we’ve organized it into bite sized, coffee break readable, lovely little Googly parcels of information.




1. Google Hangouts (Integrated, multi- platform video & chat product)


2. Google Maps update and iPad App


3. Google Play Music All Access


4. Google Play Game Services


5. Updates and the future of the Google search engine.



The conference continues over the next three days, so we’ll be sure to keep you updated with all the goings on!

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