The fastest growing iOS game in History?





We don’t really know about this guys. We want to tell you about this game, but then we think about the consequences.


There will be lots of work not being done. Everywhere. Everywhere, everyone will be playing this game and not doing work. Society might break down.



But then we think of the positive’s, which are 1. It’s fun. 2. It’s not a solo player game and therefore can be enjoyed socially,  3. It can make you learn and 4. It’s CHRISTMAS! So we encourage playing!!


But here is your warning: It’s super, super addictive.


The game is called QuizUp. 


Despite only being a smidge over 3 weeks old, the game is the fastest growing mobile game. Ever. It’s made by some crazy Icelandic magicians and it already has 3.5 million registered users (and growing). The average player plays for 40 minutes a day. The average player. 40 minutes. It’s worth repeating that particular stat.


You can register using Facebook ( with the usual game access to basic information and friend list) or using your email address.


If you sign up using FaceBook, you’ll have your profile picture showing to your opponents, but just in case you don’t want your profile picture associated with the fact that you don’t know which movies Bollywood comedian Johnny Lever has NOT acted in, then you can change it to a cute logo of an octopus, or a sad panda.



Not really like that, but awwww.


The Gameplay itself is fast and clean. It’s your basic quizzy, general knowledge game, with a format that will be intuitive to you if you’ve ever watched Who Wants To Be A Millionaire or played Trivial Pursuit. Once you start playing you are given categories to choose from.


The categories are what you would expect and way, way more. They’re fluid with user submitted questions being added daily ( without the app needing to be updated!), and they are specialized, with categories ranging from Geography to European Countries to Fruits and Vegetables, to Biology. We could go on. So far there’s over 200,000 trivia questions.


If you sign in using Facebook, categories will be suggested to you using the basic information on your Facebook profile. For example, the category ‘The 49ers’ was suggested for iPhone Antidote. Because the 49ers rock, obviously.


Once you choose a category, you are set against another player and given multiple choice questions. You get points for answering correctly, and you get more points for answering correctly quickly. You have to beat the other person’s amount of points by the final question ( you get double points for getting the last question correct), and then you win.



Yay. And then you play again because you feel smart. And again because then you got too cocky and lost and you want to feel smart again.And so on. And on.


The more you play, the more XP you gain and you can then move up a leader board against both your Facebook friends and on global, local, country-by-country, and state-by-state lists.


For every category there is also a message board which so that those particularly passionate about the Herbs & Spices category can talk about it after a game if they feel the urge.


The game is free, but don’t worry, you won’t be annoyed by ads or be feeling the need to buy more lives or make any other in-app purchases. Plain Vanilla has partnered with brands who then create sponsored games, so you might end up playing a category sponsored by the Twilight Brand. And then you can show off everything that you know about Twilight. Like how Edward the Vampire is actually..something something.



Right now, QuizUp is only available for iOS. (An Android version is coming in January.) Get it in the App store!


Play away kids, but don’t say we didn’t warn you about the addiction!!


Oh, and try and find us on there, we’re a sad octopus and we’re really good at European countries.






Images courtesy of Pando, 8Tracks, Perezhilton & Bitcointalk.

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