More upcoming iPhone rumors!


Just weeks away from the (suspected, of course) announcement of the new models of iPhone, we have some more rumors for you!


1- We’ll see a smaller Apple Pencil that will work with the new models.


2 – The new iPhones will have USB-C chargers


3 – But will also support wireless charging.


4 – Triple lens rear cameras are almost a certainty


5 – As is the fact that there will be 3 new models in the line up


6 – Substantially longer battery life has been suggested


7 – We could see all three new phones have an OLED screen, rather than the previous OLED/LCD mix


8 – Line of sight teleportation has been suggested by at least one media outlet.*


So do you think we’ll see anything crazy this year? What feature are you looking forward t most? The rear camera setup could be used really well for AR, so that’s pretty sweet in our opinion!


* It was us. We’re the only ones predicting this. If wishes were horses, right?




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