18 Tips for Better iPhone Battery Life

This guest post is written by Lisa Myers from Rebates Zone.


One of the inexorable truths of the modern day life is the use of technology. Technology – especially mobiles and laptops – keeps you connected to the world and one thing without which these gadgets cannot operate is energy.


The reliability of any mobile can be measured in terms of its capacity to keep functioning for a maximum time, in other words, efficiency and reliability are somehow connected with the battery life. For most people, Apple is a perfect mobile and it also gives you reasonable battery time, but when it comes to the matter of battery span, people always think that it should have been more.


It also happens sometimes that you are on the road and forgot to bring your charger, then you should be worrying about how will your mobile survive for a maximum time. We have made a list which will show you how exactly you can increase the battery life of your iPhone


1. Install iOS updates as soon as they are released Apple keeps on releasing energy saving updates. Having known that Apple has released a new energy saving update and still clinging to the previous version without updating is a foolish idea because your phone will certainly be consuming more battery. Therefore, it is better you install the update as soon as it is released.


2. Change data settings when apps are not in use What is the only thing that people crave most in this modern world in the perspective of technology? Certainly, it is the high-speed internet. 3G and 4G networks, no doubt, give you maximum speed but at the same time they also keep on draining your battery very quickly. If you see your battery is low and you want to save some of it then you should turn off the high-speed data network. It will save lots of your battery.


3. Stop auto-uploading of photos and videos to iCloud Auto update of photos on iCloud is good in terms of efficiency and because of the backup, you feel secure anywhere anytime. But it also has one disadvantage which is the consumption of battery as well as data. So you must decide your priorities; if your first priority is a back-up of your files, you shouldn’t turn off auto updates while if your priority is battery then you should turn it off.


4. Keep Bluetooth off when not in use Most people like to connect their iPhone with speakers, wireless earplugs, and Apple watches. It is not deniable that these features give you multiple utilities but at the other hand your iPhone connection with different gadgets via Bluetooth also consumes lots of battery. It is highly advised that you shouldn’t connect your mobile with these things when its battery is low.


5. Keep personal hotspot off when not in use Sometimes you need to share your data connection with your friends or other family members. You can do this by enabling personal hotspot. This feature, too, has outstanding utility but it also drains battery faster. You should make sure that when nobody is connected with your data connection, you should turn the hotspot off.


6. Check battery usage section to find battery killer apps In iOS 9 Apple introduced an update which analyzes the battery usage by multiple applications. When you run a test, this feature will tell you exactly what are the most battery consuming apps and it will also tell you the reason behind their heavy battery consumption. Once provided with the information, you can turn off the apps that are consuming the great amount of battery.


7. Make sure that location services are turned off when not in use It is the most popular feature among users who want to get suggestions about the nearest places – hotels restaurants etc. but in order to give you suggestions about your nearest places Apple initially tracks your own location. If this feature is permanently on in your mobile it will consume more battery than if it is turned off.


8. Avoid using dynamic backgrounds Bright and beautiful colors are what attract most people. This is the reason why most people use dynamic backgrounds and colorful wallpapers in their mobiles. These wallpapers might look beautiful but these also consume lots of battery. So if you want to reduce the consumption of your iPhone battery, you should avoid such wallpapers.


9. Keep auto-brightness mode off Adjusting brightness automatically is one of the most remarkable features of iPhone. This feature adjusts the brightness of your screen according to the surrounding light. If you are in darker places, the brightness of your phone will automatically increase, resulting in more battery consumption. If you want to save battery, you should also turn this feature off.


10. Avoid exposing your iPhone to higher temperatures It is suggested by the Apple Company itself that you should avoid using your phone in extremely high-temperature areas because it reduces the overall time-span of your battery. With the passage of time, if the battery timing of your mobile is reduced, exposure to a hot environment can reduce its battery timing further. Apple devices are made to work perfectly up to 35C temperature. If you want to protect your iPhone with a cover, you can explore plenty of discounted cases on Groupon.


11. Unplug your iPhone while shutting down your PC Most people prefer data cables to charge their phones instead of the direct charger. This is because it is easier and convenient to charge your Apple phone by connecting it with your laptop instead of placing your phone at the other corner of the room only because of a distant socket. Sometimes people forget to unplug the mobile cable and turn off the laptop. This consumes the battery of your phone.


12. Keep the background app refresh feature off In Apple and in many other mobiles the background applications keep on updating their data even if you aren’t using these applications. These applications consume data as well as battery. If you turn this feature off, you can really improve the battery time of your iPhone.


13. Keep device in airplane mode while in low coverage If you are aware of the fact that you are in the low coverage area, you should turn your phone to airplane mode. This is because in the low coverage area in order to get proper signals your phone processes fast and hence consumes more battery. Keeping your phone in airplane mode in such areas can help you increase the battery time of your iPhone.


14. Switch to Wi-Fi while in Wi-Fi zone High-speed networks like 3G or 4G consume lots of battery and give you maximum speed at the cost of energy. On the other hand, Wi-Fi can give you same amount of speed, but it will consume less battery as compared to 3G or 4G connections. Therefore, it is advisable that you switch from a data connection to Wi-Fi whenever possible.


15. Keep auto-update mode off for apps Some apps keep on updating themselves without even your permission. In such apps, there could be those which are of least importance to you and hence their update will be of no use to you. Therefore, it is better that you turn off the auto-update function in your mobile. On the other hand, if you want to install updates of important applications, you can do so manually. It will save you lot of money – especially if you are using data connection – and battery timing as well.


16. Keep Push Data On-Off Mode The main function of the push data is that it keeps on updating about the notifications when you receive any mail or any message. The reason that this feature consumes lots of battery is that it keeps on updating itself again and again. If you think it is convenient for you to check emails manually, then you should turn this feature off.


17. Keep your eyes on Wi-Fi feature Switching from a data connection to Wi-Fi is a good thing if taken into account the comparative battery advantage. But, Wi-Fi, too, consumes battery. When you are finished using Wi-Fi, it is advisable that you should turn it off because otherwise, it will keep on draining battery.


18. Set auto-lock to one or two minute Setting time for auto-lock also saves you a lot of battery because after a regular interval it turns your mobile to sleep. Setting your mobile to sleep also means low battery consumption. It will also save you from the trouble of putting your phone to sleep manually again and again.



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