App Of The day !




Our App of the day is another one that’s super useful particularly for this Party Season time of year -It’s called  Steerclear and you guys should totally know about it.


Drink Driving. It’s a bad thing, and no-one should do it. Ever. But the people over at Steerclear understand that sometimes people drink and then they need to physically move their person to another location safely, when there may not be the option for public transport and taxi’s and Uber aren’t quite right for the job. Which is exactly why they created their service.


According to the good people themselves, they’re “in the business of getting people, and their vehicles, to where they need to be, safely and affordably – whether that be home, the office, the airport, the grocery store, the hospital, the farmers’ market, or the beach (and anywhere else you can get to legally on four wheels).”


So, they offer two kinds of the same service and they’ve got it covered. If you drink whilst you’re at a party, they will send 2 people out, one to drive you and your car home and the other to follow your car and pick up the driver when you’re safe home.


You can also schedule a driver by the hour – so if you and your friends are planning on going to the beach to have some drinks, then going to the waterpark, then to the bar, then back to the beach for some bonfire action, your driver will stay with your car and drive you when and where you need to go as long as your start and end points are the same.


After all is said and done the Steerclear driver charges the credit card they have on file so you don’t need to bother with cash, and you can add any gratuity in the App also.


Rates vary depending on your location, but you can calculate the rate in your location by going to their site, or by calling 866.734.1912


Download the app now for free from the App Store!


Party on Garth! Party on Wayne