Facebook launches new app with all our favorite friends

Who are all our favorite friends? Well, these guys are, dummy:





The weird gorilla guy, the other weird gorilla guy, as well as the cactus and the rabbit and all the rest of them that are becoming so popular to use within the Facebook messenger app. Well, now, as you can see above, you can doso much more with these little dudes!


It’s a new App just released by Facebook called Stickered which allows you to add these stickers onto photos from your camera roll, or take photos with them already on the live camera view. You then can save them to your camera roll or send them to all your friends who then think that you’re hilarious and awesome. Until you do it too much, and then they think you’re stupid and annoying. So don’t do that, k?





You can download Stickered for free now on the App Store.