Christmas App Guide!

It’s CHRISTMAS! iPhone Antidote LOVES Christmas.


And we love spreading all the joy and love and good feelings that abound around about now. Following is the best Christmas Apps so you can do just that! Also, the best Apps for Christmas shopping, countdowns, recipe’s and all things Christmas!





For Christmas shopping :



Get the Gift Suggester – Gift Ideas for Every Occasion






Have no idea what to get anyone? Starting to freak out? Get this app! Free from the App Store.





RetailMeNot Coupons






The RetailmeNot App scours the web for deals and coupons for all kinds of shopping! Check it to see if you can get the perfect gift for a better price!

Free From the App Store.





For on-the-go shopping, check out: Amazon for iOSTarget for iPhoneDisney Store for iPhoneStaples for iPhoneeBay for iOS and Groupon for iOS.





The Christmas List






This is the all -time best Christmas shopping list app! Add pics of all the lucky family and friends you’re planning on buying gifts for, track your budgeting for gifts, keep a record of items you think people might like and which store it’s in, make sure you know all of your secret present hiding places, what’s been wrapped AND it comes with an app-specific passcode so no prying eyes can peek into your personal present guide.$1.99 from the App Store.






To get all of your Christmas shopping deliveries organized,  take a look at the Deliveries App. It tracks all of your deliveries, updating you with the status of your shipments. You can also use this to track Christmas gifts you’re sending to friends and family, making sure they arrive on time.

$4.99 for iPhone & iPad
$4.99 for Mac





Singing is an awesome part of Christmas. If you love singing carols loudly, off or on key ( doesn’t really matter, does it? Unless you’re Mariah Carey or that girl from Love Actually) then this App is for you! Sing Along Christmas Carols Free





Free from the App store





Elf Yourself by Office Depot







An old favorite, it’s time to get it back out so you can giggle ridiculously over you and your friends dancing as elves. It’s gotta be a christmas tradition by now, right?

Free from the App Store. 




NORAD Tracks Santa




The NORAD Tracks Santa App is the official mobile app of the NORAD Tracks Santa program. Watch the days countdown to Santa’s flight, follow Santa’s progress on December 24, play “Thin Ice” to help Santa’s elves deliver presents, and learn about NORAD and its mission. Free from the App Store.





Foodie Recipes




One of the best Apps for recipes period, Foodie recipes will give you tons of ideas for holiday cooking, including deserts, hors d’oeuvres, and the big feast itself. Do yourself a favor and download it now! Free from the App Store.




Although not starting until after Christmas on the 26th December, Apple’s iTunes 12 Days Of Christmas is another app to look out for, as Apple will be giving away one free App every day until the 6th January! The App isn’t available to download yet, but should be any minute now!


That’s our best Christmas App recommendations! Tra la la la! We hope you find some of them useful, and if you have any of your own app recommendations, please let us know!


We hope you’re enjoying this special time of year. Now, put on some Christmas music, take a big sip of eggnog, throw some tinsel around, hug some people, and keep an eye out for the iPhone Antidote Christmas Gift Guide – coming very soon!