It’s almost Halloween!

Less than one week until Halloween! All Hallow’s eve! Samhain! Whatever you call it, it’s fun and it’s coming our way fast. Hopefully you’ve got your decorations up, bought your candy (full size chocolate bars this year? you don’t say…) and organized your kick-ass costume, so all you need now is THIS.



screen568x568 (1)


Ghost Cam + Screamer edition not only adds a variety of ghosts to any photo but also sets up a Halloween prank for you to play on your friends and family. Import any of your photos into the App, hand it off to a friend to look at and when the secret timer goes off a screaming ghost will come shrieking out in the photo. Pretty Cool, eh?


Scaring people is cool. Just remember to have them sitting down on a soft couch or something, unless the idea is that you want them to buy you a new phone after they drop and break yours (we’re not condoning this of course, you crafty little crafter you).


You can also use the app to adjust the brightness and contrast in a way that’ll make the subject of your photo look like a ghost, which is ok, but nothing that’s gonna make people scream. That’s the cool bit.



Get it for $0.99 from the app store. 



Happy Halloween!!



(P.S. We love taking phones broken by halloween pranks. Get a quote here to sell your cracked iPhone.)




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