New iwatch rumours

The iWatch rumors have ramped up recently, with sources claiming October will be when the new wearable Apple product will be announced.


Excited much?


Both Re/code‘s John Paczkowski and the Nikkei Asian Review Newspaper both have sources who both claim that come october there will be a special event to announce the watch, and that we can expect to see the new technology tie in closely with the Health App which Apple announced at WWDC and which will be available to the public with iOS 8 a month earlier.


Nikkei added that the wearable tech will have a curved OLED touchscreen and that Apple is expecting to sell up to 5 million units per month. Because it’s going to be an awesome product, obviously ( hopefully)!


Other rumors doing the rounds is that the iWatch will be a product of an Apple/Nike collaboration, that the iWatch face will be round and that  it will come in two or more sizes.  See our previous article on the iWatch to see the people Apple has hired to purportedly work on the product.


We know there’s a lot of anticipation and skepticism surrounding the idea of this product, so it will be interesting to see what happens when ( if?) it launches. We personally think it will surprise many of the doubters, that it will sell by the bucketload, that it’ll be rad, and that it will be announced in October and be available before Christmas.


We also like putting it all on black, so there you have it.


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