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Is Apple bringing an AR product into the game?

There are some big rumors floating around the techisphere that Apple has partnered with German lens specialist Carl Zeiss to create Augmented Reality/mixed reality smart glasses.


It would make for some lovely symmetry if, when the world is expecting a great iPhone 8 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the groundbreaking iPhone, they instead produced another groundbreaking product… and a great iPhone 8.


The rumor has come about because of a (purposefully?) not-very-tightlipped Zeiss employee at CES, at a Zeiss booth, which had no Augemented Reality products, but was situated in the AR area.


So… not super concrete.


But it sounds good, right? Augmented reality, in case you’re wondering, is different from Virtual Reality, because it superimposes digital information and images onto your view of the world, instead of creating a whole new world (good luck getting that song out of your head now, suckers).
Think: Pokemon Go, but less annoying?


Apple CEO Tim Cook has talked-momentarily- about his interest in AR before, and that he considers it to be of a higher commercial value than Virtual Reality, and Apple does have some patents out that could relate to this possibility , but we’re just not sure if this might not be reaching a bit.


Exciting rumor for this Wednesday Afternoon though.

New iwatch rumours

The iWatch rumors have ramped up recently, with sources claiming October will be when the new wearable Apple product will be announced.


Excited much?


Both Re/code‘s John Paczkowski and the Nikkei Asian Review Newspaper both have sources who both claim that come october there will be a special event to announce the watch, and that we can expect to see the new technology tie in closely with the Health App which Apple announced at WWDC and which will be available to the public with iOS 8 a month earlier.


Nikkei added that the wearable tech will have a curved OLED touchscreen and that Apple is expecting to sell up to 5 million units per month. Because it’s going to be an awesome product, obviously ( hopefully)!


Other rumors doing the rounds is that the iWatch will be a product of an Apple/Nike collaboration, that the iWatch face will be round and that  it will come in two or more sizes.  See our previous article on the iWatch to see the people Apple has hired to purportedly work on the product.


We know there’s a lot of anticipation and skepticism surrounding the idea of this product, so it will be interesting to see what happens when ( if?) it launches. We personally think it will surprise many of the doubters, that it will sell by the bucketload, that it’ll be rad, and that it will be announced in October and be available before Christmas.


We also like putting it all on black, so there you have it.


The iPhone 5 – Release and Specifications Rumors

Some Possible Specs for the new iPhone 5


Listed above in this graphic we made are some of the most prevalent iPhone 5 rumors that we could find out there.  Some ideas may have seemed pretty obvious like a possible larger screen or a new revised form factor for the iPhone 5.  Additionally, it is quite likely we will see either a June or October release date.  Apple has followed this in the past, and it seems likely that they would do the same for the iPhone 5.


In line with previous iPhone releases, it would make sense to see the iPhone 5 have a new upgraded 128GB model.  This would increase the size from the current maximum of the 64GB model.  With the passed two iPhone releases both having 720P video, it seems like it would be time to upgrade to the highly anticipated 1080P, Full HD, video recording to stay competitive against other smart phones in the industry.


While the iPhone 4S saw an upgrade to the processor, it is still quite possible that we will see an even faster processor in the upcoming iPhone 5 release, although it is more likely we will see some of the other features mentioned first.  Same deal with the camera, while the iPhone 4S saw an improvement in camera quality, the iPhone 5 could add a few megapixels for an even stronger release, likely upgrading to 10MP.


Recently, new rumors regarding an in-cell touchscreen for the iPhone have been anounced, leading to speculation that the new iPhone could be slightly thinner than previous generations, making this the thinnest iPhone yet!  Finally, there have been leaked images of iPhone 5 replacement home buttons, which show that the iPhone 5 will have a different body than previous generations (although the home button will actually appear the same).


That’s it for now, but stay tuned for all the newest updates with regard to the new iPhone 5!