Our first hand impressions of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C



It’s almost September 20th, which as we all know is the date that Apple releases the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C.  That makes us feel like this:






So… guess what we went and did?



We kinda went to Australia for you guys. Why would we go to Australia and why should you care? BECAUSE IT’S ALREADY FRIDAY THE 20TH OF SEPTEMBER HERE GUYS. IT’S THE FUTURE. WE’RE IN THE FUTURE.



It’s pretty cool. Seen a couple of these guys around.






But more importantly, we’ve also seen these guys –





and these guys –




We’ll be doing a proper rundown and how to on these babies soon, but we wanted to give you our first hand impressions on their aesthetics and how they feel in the hand.



If you’re sitting outside an Apple store somewhere right now, you should congratulate yourself. These are worth lining up for. But you should also beware- stock for the iPhone 5S has been really low over here – so much so that it is reported that some stores have no stock of the Gold iPhone 5S. At all. Some stores are advising customers that they won’t have any for three weeks.



While the U.S., having a population slightly larger than Australia (Sarcasm…), and being the home of Apple, should have more stock, especially in bigger metro areas, but this is something you might have to be prepared for.



In other countries, online stock for the iPhone 5s is also drying up. In countries such as Germany, France and the U.K, shipping times have slipped to 7-10 days.


So here’s what we think.


The iPhone 5C



It feels really nice. It has a curved, light, slippery feel. We were expecting the color to be more obvious from the front of the phone, but it’s actually quite subtle. It looks like a really nice, colorful, iPhone 5. From the back and sides, it looks like it feels magnetic. Does that makes sense?  You’re drawn to the bright and poppy color.


Our personal favorite is blue, and our least favorite is the salmony red. Sorry Apple, but something that makes us think of fish flesh is not something we’re gonna want to use erryday.


The 5C is slightly heavier, but not as much as you would expect. It feels good and substantial in the hand. The polycarbonate is smooth and shiny and looks anything but cheap – the shell is finished to a level of craft that amazes when you try to find a seam or a join line.



The iPhone 5S





Although carrying pretty significant changes under the hood, the iPhone 5S looks very similar to the iPhone 5, with the same aluminum body, same dimensions, and same weight in the hand.


Physically new to the iPhone 5S are the new colors, the fingerprint sensor, the duel – LED flash on the rear, and the word iPhone on the back is in slightly lighter font to match iOS 7. And the colors.


The colors, Space Gray and White are nice, really, but we can’t take our eyes off the Gold color to look at the other options for long. It’s so subtle in its gleam, it’s like it adds this beautiful character to the phone, but is too humble to talk too much about it. Not like those brash 5C’s.


The fingerprint sensor feels nice to touch, and it works. That’s it, it just works. We tried it with multiple people and it worked no matter how hard we tried to trick it. And we’re pretty smart kids. It took less than a minute for the phone to learn each person’s fingerprint, and once that had been done, reading them took only a couple of seconds.


Outside of the physical, the phone is super fast and the camera is really improved beautifully. The slo-mo is hella fun.






We’ve been playing with iOS 7 on our stinky old iPhone all day, and we really like it, but now we can see how much better suited it is for playing on a shiny new iPhone 5S, or a bright poppy iPhone 5C.



We’ve decided, by the way. Gold iPhone 5s. Possibly a blue iPhone 5C for like… just in case.



Now we go play with Kangaroos. P.S. Seeing a baby Kangaroo hop back into it’s mother’s pouch is pretty much one of the most unexpectedly gross things we have ever seen. It sounds kinda… slurpy.






Images courtesy of iPhoneantidote. 

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