Wait, how many new iPhones have been sold?!




Do you guys know how many polar bears there are in the world? C’mon we’re going somewhere with this, we promise.



It’s around 25 thousand. What about Penguins? You guys know much about penguins?



Well we got a few more of those cute bastards running around. Around 2 million.  Annnnd… how many pet birds in the United States?



That’s sitting at about 6 Million-ish.



Put all of that together, and now you have the number of iPhones Apple sold in the first three days of their release.









That’s right, Kanye. NINE MILLION Sheesh.



That’s like almost half of all Australians bought an iPhone. OR like, everyone in Slovenia bought 4 and  a bit. Last year in the same 3 day period, the iPhone 5 only ( ha, ‘only’) sold 5 million units.


iOS 7 has also been updated by 200 million users- doubling the rate that iOS 7 was adopted.


Here we have Tim Cook:


“This is our best iPhone launch yet — more than 9 million new iPhones sold — a new record for first weekend sales. The demand for the new iPhones has been incredible. And while we’ve sold out of our initial supply of iPhone 5S’s, stores continue to receive new iPhone shipments regularly. We appreciate everyone’s patience and are working hard to build enough new iPhones for everyone.”



He later went back on Twitter to say:  “Thanks to all our amazing customers for the fantastic weekend!”



Not surprisingly, Apple stock has jumped back up around $490.



Although Apple has not broken down the sales between the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C, the general consensus is that the iPhone 5S has far outsold the iPhone 5C worldwide – but that the cheaper model will start to catch up in time.



SO, Yay apple! You guys did good.






p.s. it was depressingly hard to find enough cool animals to compare to the sale of the new iPhones in 3 days. Sorry to sad out on you guys, but like, give a lion a dollar or something next time you see one.







Images courtesy of imore.com, themetapicture.com, imfunny.net, cafemom.com

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